Why Select Ascent

How Ascent Physical Therapy can help get you back to the things you love or back to work (hopefully both).

Why Ascent Physical Therapy?

Firstly, we are all doctorate trained physical therapists giving us advanced training in research and case management. With our extensive training we are able to identify when your concerns require a referral to a primary care provider. Our dedication to patient care, enhanced performance, advanced interventions and the most cutting edge practices in physical therapy make us industry leaders. We provide 1 hour appointments with our patients and create customized solutions for every patient.

Why A Physical Therapist?

“Physical therapists (PTs) are highly-educated, licensed health care professionals who can help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility – in many cases without expensive surgery and often reducing the need for long-term use of prescription medications and their side effects.” -APTA

Physical therapists are part of a group of providers known as “allied health professionals”, which means that they are versed in the same fundamentals as your primary care provider and are held accountable to professional standards and ethics. They work closely with primary care providers to create a holistic approach to wellness that maintains an evidence foundation. Their interventions are rooted in science and are considered standard of care only when they have been proven effective. Physical therapy utilizes targeted interventions and exercises to promote the natural healing process and restore lost or impaired function.

Three Things You Should Know About Wellness

It’s a Destination

We believe in you. You CAN achieve your goals and overcome the barriers that are holding you back. Regardless of the setbacks in your life, promoting wellness through efficient, effective, and therapeutic movement is the foundation of rehabilitation. Our structure uses your own abilities, background, and interests to design a rehabilitation program that is specific to you and your goals.

It’s Not As Far As It Looks

Building a platform of powerful, functional movements will keep you in motion no matter what your goals are: musician, programmer, athlete, student, or weekend warrior. Physical Therapy is a blend of medical professional, scientist, coach, and engineer. Physical therapists understand not only the mechanics of human movement, but the integral processes that allow your body to heal and express its full potential.

You Should Demand More From Physical Therapy

We will develop injury prevention strategies to break the rut of “injury, rest and repeat.” Based upon our One-on-one model you will see your provider every time you visit and will never be passed to support staff or stuck in a group without the individual attention that you need and deserve. We help you navigate the medical and insurance world so that you can focus on returning to the things that matter the most to you. Let us help you kick that “trick” knee, “bad” back and “weak” ankles.

Our Story

We became physical therapists to help people. Wide eyed and ambitious, we set out into the healthcare world and quickly saw that not only could a clinic run more smoothly; but we could deliver better care for less if we focused on a research based, patient centered model instead of a traditional business model. With that in mind, we ventured out and opened Ascent Physical Therapy, a clinic focused on patients and not profits. With patient care firmly our primary goal, we decided the next logical step would have to be helping our patients navigate the complexity of the healthcare and insurance system. We do this by working with local insurance coordinators and suppliers, maintaining our roots right here in the Pacific Northwest. Yeah, you could say we are local and sustainable; our Physical Therapists live in Happy Valley, OR. We love our community and are excited to be a bigger part of it as we grow.

Drawing from a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and skill sets; we create unique intervention plans designed to achieve your individual goals safely and efficiently. We pride ourselves in utilizing advanced training in corrective exercise prescription, manual therapy techniques (including massage, joint and spinal manipulation) and neuromuscular re-education to relieve pain and optimize outcomes.