Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) in Happy Valley

Despite being closely associated with MVA’s, whiplash can be experienced from any situation with a sudden change of direction resulting in involuntary head and neck motion, especially at high rates of speed. Other potential scenarios could include a sore neck from amusement park rides, or from contact/collision sports – such as football.

Common Complaints from Whiplash Injuries:

  • Headaches
  • Limited neck movements
  • Tension or pain in neck and upper back
  • Possible concussion

More serious injuries can occur during whiplash events and consultation with a primary care provider is encouraged. If you had loss of consciousness, vomiting, feel unsteady while standing, or have a particularly strong headache – as if hit by an ice pick – you should seek out immediate medical attention.

Our providers are all Doctors of Physical Therapy and can identify when a potentially serious complication is present and will refer you to an appropriate healthcare team member as needed.

While every patient is unique, these are some broad generalized strategies that you can expect during your plan of care –

  • Massage Therapy: Gentle release of muscle tension in the neck and upper back is important to restore normal muscle tone and postures.
  • Targeted Mobility: Safe mobilization of your neck and upper back to correct any joint mechanical deviations to restore your normal range of motion.
  • Prescriptive Strengthening: Restoration of neck strength has the strongest research of any treatment for neck pain. Controlled progressive loading of the muscles will result in increased stability and shared balance of load under strain.
  • Home Program: We will provide you with a comprehensive but succinct set of activities to be performed on a daily basis (usually no more than 15 minutes in duration) to complement what you are working on at the clinic. Our programs also include free access to your specific activities online with complementary video tutorials for technique clarity.

If whiplash has been interfering with your life, call us today to get started on a plan of care that works for you. Ascent Physical Therapy is conveniently located off Sunnyside Road in Happy Valley. We also love treating our neighboring communities of Damascus, Gresham, Clackamas, and Sandy at our top rated physical therapy clinic!