Low Back Pain in Happy Valley

Low Back Pain in Happy Vallery

Lumbago, “slipped disk,” back ache, and all of the other names it has…

It comes with many names and is without question one of the most common reasons that people seek medical care. Some pain is easily explained (slip, fall, changes in activity levels, flying in an airplane, carrying an ill-fitting backpack) and other back pain is a mystery that can come and go without any apparent explanation. Pain causes us to miss work, avoid going out and even missing important life events.

Physical therapy is one of the best ways to take control of your back. Understanding the specific mechanism that causes your back to hurt and developing interventions that will put you on the track to wellness is the key to success. Even if you have tried other remedies understanding the mechanics of your back will help you resolve pain faster, have fewer episodes of pain and take the mystery out of why your back hurts.

Why does back pain come and go?

One of the most difficult parts about treating back pain is that the back is several complex groups of tissues that all must work together to be functional and pain free. Each type of back pain is agonizing for it’s own reason:

  • Muscle pain – aching pain that typically presents just to the side of the spine that commonly starts hours after heavy work. This pain is typically reduced by heat, ice and supported positions.
  • Nerve pain – shooting, shocking or burning that presents in predictable patterns that can be detected by healthcare providers. It may or may not be relieved by rest and propositioning. Sciatic pain is NOT back pain and is treated very differently. We can help you determine the difference.
  • Ligament pain – yes, you can sprain a ligament in your back (kind of like in your ankle) and it will be strongly tied to postures or injuries that happen when the spine is flexed.
  • Bone pain – sharp pain that is most common after traumatic events that is generally located over the spine

If I don’t have any pain now it’s not a problem, right?

Maybe. Pain is only one measure of a healthy back. Restoring function is as important as being pain free. A back that doesn’t hurt but doesn’t work is not an acceptable finishing point. The absence of pain is where real rehabilitaion begins. Learn to move pain free and do the things that you love without setting yourself up for a future of pain. Physical Therapy is a function driven branch of medicine. We might not save lives, but we save lifestyles.