IT Band Syndrome in Happy Valley

Causes of IT Band Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome is an inflammatory response that generates pain around the outside and around your knee. Not to be confused with an IT band strain which is more likely to cause symptoms near the front pocket on a pair of pants would be. The IT band is a thick tendon blend of muscles from the outside of your hip travelling down to the outside of your knee. If the tendon is too stiff or tight it can begin rubbing against the outside of your knee bones causing friction and inflammation. This can also be the cause if you run or hike frequently on a sloped surface, think – running on the edge of a cambered road.

How do I fix it?

Strategies to begin on your own immediately include:

  • Use a cold pack immediately after a run for 15-20 minutes
  • Reduce your running or walking for the time being to allow tissues to heal and recover
  • Begin utilizing a foam roller along the outside of your thigh. Pay special attention to not roll against the bony surfaces. Use as much pressure as tolerable but without pain; you can use your hands and legs to adjust your pressure.

At Ascent Physical Therapy we will:

  • Work with you on progressively strengthening your hip and knee to improve stability.
  • Analyze your typical walking and running mechanics to see if there is a faulty movement and correct it.
  • Recommend appropriate orthotics/footwear to provide adequate support to your knee.
  • Train you on a comprehensive foam rolling program to resolve your current problem and prevent new problems down the road (no pun intended).
  • Prescribe targeted stretching to ensure adequate mobility of IT band to eliminate unwanted friction.

If IT Band Syndrome has been interfering with your life, call us today to get started on a plan of care that works for you. Ascent Physical Therapy is conveniently located off Sunnyside Road in Happy Valley. We also love treating our neighboring communities of Damascus, Gresham, Clackamas, and Sandy at our top rated physical therapy clinic!