Achilles Tendinitis in Happy Valley

Ascent Physical Therapy Treatment for Achilles Tendinopathy

  • Reduce strain on the tendon for inflammation control and prevention of further injury.
  • Prescriptive exercises and stretches to gently begin fortifying the structural integrity of the tendon without causing a flare up.
  • Analyze gait and body structure to identify any possible abnormalities contributing to the injury.
  • Inspection of footwear and application of supportive bracing such as a night splint.
  • Tool assisted muscle mobilization for eliminating trigger points and loosening up your calf to reduce strain on the tendon.
  • Possible use of a heel lift to unload your calf during day to day activities.

Because our tendons do not have as much blood flow as muscle tissue, they are slower to heal and recover. It is important to seek help by one of our doctoral trained physical therapists as soon as possible after feeling consistent pain in your Achilles. If left untreated, it can become a chronic nagging issue that can cause serious disruption to training and sport participation. Recovery is also more time consuming for chronic injuries.

How did this happen?

Our calves endure a tremendous amount of demand from our active lifestyles. Whether you are a runner, jumper, sprinter, or participate in sports, your calves are a serious work horse in your endeavors. They absorb and store energy during eccentric loading and then quickly expel the energy to propel your body in space. Under most circumstances our calves adapt to our demands and we don’t experience any problems. However, there are several risk factors that can lead to injury.

  • Tight/stiff calves.
  • Relative weakness in calves and hips.
  • Moderate-Large increases in training: intensity, volume, or mileage.

Treatment Strategies

There are 2 common locations of Achilles tendinitis. The first happens at the transition between the tendon and the muscle fibers. The second can occur at the transition between the tendon and the heel bone. The type of beneficial treatment you need is dependent on which version you may be experiencing. One of our doctors of physical therapy will be able to identify which version is plaguing you after a thorough examination.

  • Tool assisted tissue mobilization of the calf musculature has been shown to reduce localized strain.
  • Gait and running analysis to identify any possible mechanical or technique influence to symptoms.
  • Strengthening of the tendon fibers in a prescriptive loading pattern for recovery and prevention of future dysfunction.
  • Orthotics and/or bracing such as use of heel lifts or a night splint for ideal healing lengths.

If an Achilles injury has been interfering with your life, call us today to get started on a plan of care that works for you. Ascent Physical Therapy is conveniently located off Sunnyside Road in Happy Valley. We also love treating our neighboring communities of Damascus, Gresham, Clackamas, and Sandy at our top rated physical therapy clinic!