Welcome To Ascent Physical Therapy

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is unique in that it capitalizes on your body's ability to heal and  enhance that process with functional interventions that lead to faster recovery and reduced rates of re-injury.  Our methods use your own abilities, background, and interests to design rehabilitation programs that are specific to you; because no two people and no two injuries are the same. We are a little different than what you might have experienced as physical therapy in the past because of our primary focus on movement and use of modalities as a supportive role. Why do we do this? Simple, because that is what the research tells us gives the greatest results.  

How We Do It.

Building a platform of functional movement will keep you in motion no matter what your goals may be: musician, programmer, athlete, student, or weekend warrior. Our Physical Therapy is a blend of medical professional, scientist, coach, and engineer. We understand not only the mechanics of human movement but the processes that allow your body to heal and express its full potentialExpect your provider to help you develop injury prevention strategies and to break out of the rut of "injury, rest, and repeat." Let us help you kick that "bum" knee, "bad back" or"weak ankles".

Whether you have injured yourself at work, play, in a car accident, are plagued by an old high school injury or can't seem to push past that limit in your training; we have tools that will get you back up to speed.

The Functional University

We enjoy taking time to educate our patients on current trends in Physical Therapy and general wellness. Current research and clinical practice supports the use of Physical Therapy to restore function following an injury, improve outcomes after surgery, and enhance performance when barriers limit your abilities.  We have created a clinic where research and experience drive clinical decision making and improve patient experience. Part of that is teaching our patients how to keep themselves healthy and resolve  aches and pains. Don't live in Happy Valley? Don't worry, "Functional U" has a strong online program.

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